Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vespa GS 150 Airbox-September 19, 2010

After a long search, I finally found a GS 150 Airbox for sale. It is a little rough cosmetically, but structurally it is in good shape. With some new paint, it should be good as new. Thanks Mark from Scooter Bellissimo for the airbox and your patience. I would highly recommend this guy and his company. Also picked up a junction box cover while I was at it.


  1. Hi J . as a novice mechanic but someone who rode a GS VS5 (Complete with fat pipe and parka!) back in 1965, do you know the best place for mint/restored machines? Someone said there was a place in south london?
    Any info would be good

  2. Hi Rick,

    I have not heard of any place. I do see some pop up on ebay or from time to time.

    You might want to ask these folks.


  3. Hi Jamie,

    I just visited a powder coating service here in Arizona and likely I am going to get my GS airbox, engine cover, junction box finished in a wrinkle black finished. From their sample it looks just like the original. I enjoying your blog and I am also restoring my 1961 GS. You can see my adventures and mishaps here.

    Jared Foster

  4. Hi Jared,

    Good to see your post on the airbox and other parts getting a new wrinkle coat. Let me know how that goes. I need to get that done with the parts that I have. Still on the look out for a cylinder shroud that doesn't cost a fortune. I'll check out your blog and see your progress.