Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cylinder Shroud-November 25, 2010

I picked up the VS5 cylinder shroud off of ebay. Can't believe that I got it for about $100. The only ones that I have come across typically run $250-$450. It will need sanded, primed, and painted of course, but finally glad to have an original. Other than a few little, and thankfully, cheaper pieces are needed to make the scooter complete and original.


  1. Congrats on the el cheapo shroud, Jaime. I look forward to seeing how soon you can get this project running!

    I'm housesitting in Cleveland for a week, and recalled that you (among others) had said they had good treatment from P.O.C. Scooters, so I loaded up my GS on the hitch carrier and brought it out with me from Chicago. Dropped it off today with Phil and the gang, and hopefully they can help me sort out my issues before I head home Saturday.

    Keep posting those updates, we enjoy reading 'em.

  2. Brad,

    Hope you have a great stay in Cleveland. Just in time for the big snow storm :).

    Let us know how your experience with P.O.C. works out. Post some pics if you can. I would love to see your scooter.


  3. Jaime (and fellow blog followers),

    P.O.C. did a great job, and had it back to me by Saturday as I requested. They were able to complete the 12v conversion including: new 12v horn, regulator and reassembly of the re-coiled stator and flywheel (which was done by Sportique in Colorado).

    Flywheel could probably use some re-magnetizing, as there's not quite enough juice now to beep the horn. But the lights are bright and all it needs now is a new float and needle in the carb.

    Here's a few photos, and video clip of it turning over.