Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eastwood Vibratory Tumbler-February 5, 2011

I picked up an Eastwood Vibratory Tumbler to restore the parts on the GS. Very happy with the results. It takes awhile though. It is a two part system. The first stage is to run the parts with a batch of green rust cutting cubes. Did this for about 8 hours. The second stage is to run the parts with a batch of Dry Shine Media for about 24 hours.

Here is the tumbler and some comparison photos.
Eastwood tumbler


  1. What Eastwood tumbler did you use? I'm neck deep in a Lambretta restoration at the moment and been thinking of purchasing a tumbler for a while now but wanted to see some results on scooter parts before I forked out. Can't wait to see the finished GS!

  2. Hi Benji.

    I used this one:

    I learned after the fact that you still need to get your parts plated even after tumbling and polishing the parts, unless it is aluminum. The tumbler will remove the original plating and it will eventually rust again.

    It is still great for cleaning parts! It takes about 24 to clean and polish a batch. I let it run all night. Once I was done with all the parts, I took them to the platers to get CAD plated. Beats scrubbing them or paying the platers for additional labor. I got all the necessary parts plated for about $100.

    Hope that helps.

  3. More than helps, many thanks! I'll order one. Been looking at more industrial ones but I'm not really doing anything high volume apart from Lambretta and Vespa parts to prep them for plating and was looking for something to polish small, fiddly alloy parts such as floor rail end-caps. Cheers!

  4. I learned after the fact which has yet to get its parts also coated after tumbling and Polish of the parties, unless it is aluminum. The glass will delete the original and finally oxidized layer again.scooter shops