Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Floor Rail Installation_March 23, 2011

I got the scooter back from the painters. It looks great. The lighting in the basement doesn't do it justice, so I'll post some better pics of it when I can get access to a larger shooting area. In the meantime, I am about finished with the floor rails. The two sides are done. Now I am just waiting to get the screws back from the platers to finish the middle. Overall, it wasn't too bad of a job. Just takes some time and patience.


  1. Nicely done! I talked to Pete a bit back in December about potentially doing my 12-volt conversion. Nice guy.

    Did he do the 2 stage paint, as I've read the original paint jobs were? I need to take some wet 0000 steel wool to mine when the weather warms up a bit, and see if I can make the original paint passable.

  2. He did do a 2 stage paint with the original paint codes. Overall a good job. There were a lot of holes that he had to fill, some dents to remove, and some metal shaping. The left cowl had some major shaping that needed to be done and now it looks brand new. One piece had to be redone, but I'm very pleased.